Aherfs vs SEMrush – Which Tool is Best In 2020

Looking for a awesome comparison between Aherfs Vs SEMrush? Yes, you have landed to right place on Internet. Because in this blog post, we will share with you a detailed guide on Aherfs Vs SEMrush.

I have used both SEO tools. After using these tools, I have found Some Pros and Cons of the these sites. If yo don’t have budget and want to purchase only one tools of them then read this minutely.

Aherfs and SEMrush are the most popular SEO tools on the internet. These two tools can help you to improve your sale. If you want Increase your sales then try to focus on search engines Traffic

What is SEO Tools:

The full form of SEO is Search engine optimization. With the help of SEO tools you can increase your organic traffic. SEO tools help us to get an ideas on a keyword, competition anylitics and backlinks anylitics. 

Different types of SEO tools are available on the internet. Among them Aherfs and SEMrush are most popular.

Because we SEO use tools to find keywords and anylize our competitors. These two tools are best to do that. 

You can also check your competitors best keywords with these tools. 

Benifits of Using SEO Tools:

You can rank faster in Google if you go with a strategy with these tools.

You can anylize your competitors

You can get more sales

Your earnings will increase

Compare in:

  • Keywords research features
  • Technical SEO features​
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Pricing and value
  • Unique features
  • ​Other features




Mobile SERP Ranking


Search Engines

Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu,Daum, Naver, SeznamGoogle

Number of Keywords for Google


Solution to dive into a niche and understand yourtarget audience and its interests

Yes(Market Explorer)No
Integration with Google Analytics and GSCNoYes
Outgoing linksYesNo
SEO writting assitantNoYes

An introduction: Aherfs vs SEMrush

In the right corner, we have Aherfs. A few years ago, Aherf was only focus on links. But now they have added tons of features which will help you to improve your seo.

Aherfs features:

  • Backlinks tracking and analysis feature
  • Keywords research feature
  • Rank tracking feature
  • A lot of technical SEO tools

SEMrush Features:

In the left corner, we have SEMrush. SEMrush is highly esteemed for finding keywords. SEMrush will help you to find your competitors main keywords where they have got their maximum traffic and revenue.

Although SEMrush is a paid tool but you have a chance to get 30days free trial in SEMrush. But Aherfs do not have any free trial option.

  • Keywords explore
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Technical SEO tools
  • Position tracking
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Backlinks analytics
  • Ideas to gain more traffic
  • Full-time support

User Rating:

You can see on the screen shot that maximum of the persons have selected SEMrush and if you search on google or any where else, you will find SEMrush is popular than Aherfs.

Aherfs Vs SEMrush: Easy to Use:

I have used both SEO tools. Both of them are really amazing. But if you want to know which is easy to use for beginners, then Aherfs will win. Because Aherfs have a very clean interface. But SEMrush have so many extra features than Aherfs. So there tool is very critical to understand for a beginner. 

Which tools is best for keyword research

The most important thing before making a content is keyword. Low competition, high volume keywords are very important for getting more organic views on your blog. Aherfs and SEMrush have a keyword researching option.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer then you know the value of keywords research. And keywords is one of the most important part in blogging to get success.


If you want to discover keyword through Aherfs, you will get these options

  • Keyword explorer
  • Explore competitors keywords

With keyword explorer tool, you can easily find high volume keywords.

You have to search for your main keyword. They will give you list similar keywords and their CPC, clicks, volume, and keyword differently.

Aherfs is not only give you keywords, they give you total click on the keyword.

They tell you, your keyword is high competive oo not (High, medium, low)

You can also add filters and export your full data which make this tool super cool.

Aherfs is not only show you the search volume of the keyword, but also they also show you Keyword CPC, Clicks, global search volume, and keyword difficulty.

You can add filters in Aherfs to find low competition Keywords.

But Aherfs don’t provide accurate Keyword difficulty. Because in some cases they show 0 differently but high authority sites are ranking on the keyword. 

For an example if you search a keyword ‘Aherfs Vs SEMrush’, they will show you tons of data 

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Volume

Keyword CPC

Keyword world wide search volume

Keyword volume on a particular country

Keyword Trends

The other amuzing feature of this tool i, you can add filters

Now you will ask me what is filter?

For an example I have searched a keyword ‘make money online’

If you search the same keyword, you will see that the keyword is very hard to rank. So you can not rank the keywords if you have a new site.

But you can find low competition keywords related to Make Money Online if you use filter option.

To use this option, click on view all keywords. Then select KD and set range 0 to 10. 0-10 range will be best for a new blogger. 

You can also add filters for CPC and search volume. 

But you can not check PPC of the keyword with this tool



Like Aherfs, SEMrush have same features with some minor differences.

The special thing in SEMrush is, you will get keyword data in depth.

Besides Aherfs all keyword features, SEMrush also give you keyword trends, number of results and PPC.

You can see Keyword trends in SEMrush which is very beneficial for bloggers, content writer or others.

What you can check in SEMrush

  • Volume
  • Trends
  • Difficulty
  • Characteristics of the SERP
  • PPC


If we talk about keyword research, SEMrush have a lot extra features than Aherfs. So undoubtedly the winner is the winner

Which tool is best for backlinks analyzing

I already told you that Aherfs was made for Link building. But they have added some features to compete with SEMrush and other tools.


Aherfs completly follow Google algorithm to index website links. If your backlinks are showing in Aherfs, it means Google have indexed the backlink. Aherfs updates data in every week according to your plan.


If we talk about SEMrush, they index your backlinks within few days.

When I have analysed my 1 month old website on Aherfs, they show me 10 refferring domain and 15 backlinks.

When I have analysed the same site on SEMrush, they show me 12 refferring domains and 20 backlinks.

As Aherfs follows Google algorithm, so they have only indexed my 10 refferring domains. But SEMrush have indexed 20  backlinks. 


If we talk about backlinks analytics, Aherfs is better than SEMrush. But SEMrush is not very much bad  if you purchase it.

Which tool is best for rank tracking?

Aherfs and SEMrush have thier rank tracking tool.

Let’s compare it


I have recently checked ranking of my some posts. After checking my rank manually on Google, Aherfs report was matched.

So Aherfs ranking tool is really good.


SEMrush also have a rank tracking tools where you will get actual report. But SEMrush is much better than Aherfs. Because you will get visibility score option in SEMrush which is not available in Aherfs.

SEMrush also update their reports 2-3 days. But Aherfs will check reports weekly.


If we talk about Rank Tracking, SEMrush report is much much better than Aherfs. SEMrush also have some extra features which make this tools unique.

Which tool is best for Technical SEO:

The next thing we will talk, is technical seo.


Aherfs is working hard to improve thier tools. But I have recently seen some problems in Aherfs.

I always check others sites to create backlinks and finding low competition keywords. But when I check a high authority site in Aherfs, they gave 78% ( Seo score ). Because the site marked  categories and tags as nonindex. But we know that this is not problem. For better SEO, we have to mark categories and tags as nonindex.


If we talk about Technical seo, no one can beat SEMrush because of their tops of features.

  • Crawl errors
  • Robot.txt errors
  • Analyze Broken links
  • SSL errors
  • Guide you in internal linking


As Aherfs don’t provide accurate data and SEMrush have more features than Aherfs. So without any SEMrush is winner.

Which tool is best for support:

Support is very important for blogging and keyword research. So in this point, we will compare Aherfs with SEMrush in support


Aherfs have a very nice support for their members. They have a chat option in the right corner of their tool. But this is not actually a live chat but they answered our questions within 5 minutes.


I am a big fan on semruah for their amusing seo tools and accurate details. But I have to do a long process to get help from SEMrush.They do not have any chat option. We have to contact them with contact form and they answer after very long time.


If we talk about support, Aherfs is better than Semrush for their chat option.

Unique Features- Aherfs vs SEMrush:

Aherfs and SEMrush have their soem unique features.


Aherfs have a broken link checker tools. I am using this tools all most every week to find broken links.They also have a amuzing tool named content explorer. With the help of this tool, you can explore any keyowrds.You have to just type your keyword and they will show you the already posted articles on the keywords and their social share, backlinks.


SEMrush have a unique features that Aherfs does not have.This tool is seo writting assistant. With the help of thsi tool, you have easily make your blog posts seo friendly. I always use this this tool before publishing any post. They also have paid search software suite which is amuzing.

  • Analyzing of Competitor’s PPC Campaigns
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Analysis of Log files


Though Aherfs have some unique features, but the seo writting assistant tool is literally amuzing in my opinion.So the winner is SEMrush.


Now the question is who tool give you extra features in low price. It is completely depending to you. If tou want to build links than Aherfs will be best for you. If you are working on keyword research, ppc, or content writing Semrush tool will be best for you.


Aherfs have 4 plans

  • Lite- $99 per month
  • Standard- $ 179 per month
  • Advance- $399 per month
  • Agancy- $999 per month


SEMrush have 3 plans.

  • Pro plan: $99.95 per moth
  • Guru plan: $199.95 per month
  • Business plan: $399.95 per month

Aherfs vs SEMrush: Who is winner

If we rank about who the overall winner, I will go with SEMrush. Because SEMrush will give accurate features.Now share your thoughts:Now this is your turn. Share your personal opinion about Aherfs vs SEMrush is the comment section.

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