How to Create Backlinks- Best 5 Ways

If you are reading this post or article, you already have a blog or you want to start a blog. In this post, I will share with you, a fully detailed guide on How to Create Backlinks?

Backlins is not a rocket science. It is very easy to create. But you don’t know the proper way to create backlinks. So you have entered to this post. Don’t worry, after this post, your all queries related to backlinks will be solved. If not, then you can ask me on the comments section.

What is Backlink:

Backlinks is a link that create a connection between your with with another. It means users can come to your site through the link. Most of the search engines like Google counts backlinks is a ranking factor because Google think this the site recommends the post or site.

Types of backlinks:

  1. Profile creating backlinks
  2. Commenting backlinks
  3. Article submission backlinks
  4. Guest posting backlinks
  5. PBN backlinks
  6. 2.0 backlinks
  7. Directory Submission backlinks
  8. Paid Backlinks  

Do Follow Backlinks:

Do follow backlinks are very useful for SEO because Google follow these backlinks. Before creating backlinks from any site, check that the site give Do Follow or No Follow backlinks.

No Follow Backlinks:

No follow backlinks are not useful for SEO as Google does not follow these backlinks. Google ignores them. But it doesn’t mean that you will create only do follow backlinks. You should try to balance do follow and no backlinks ratio on 70: 30 unless Google can punish you.

Do follow or No follow which is good for SEO:

Do follow backlinks are very important for SEO. But it does not mean you have to create only do-follow backlinks. The ratio of creating Do-follow vs No-follow backlinks are 70:30

It means if you create 100 backlinks, 70 backlinks should be do-follow and 30 should be no-follow.

How to Check Do Follow or No Follow

You can check do-follow backlink or No follow backlink through 2 methods.

  • You can check do follow or no backlink through Moz Bar extension.
  • You can also check do-follow or No follow with the below steps

Right-click on the anchor text and select “Inspect” 

you find  rel=”nofollow” tag, it is no-follow.

If you do not find rel=”nofollow” tag, it is do-follow


How to Create Backlinks:

To create backlinks you need a list of do-follow backlinks site lists. I have created a backlinks site list. After going to this post, you will find more than 150+ do-follow backlinks. Just copy any of the URL and paste it on a browser. Then you have to make a profile or commenting or guest posting backlinks.   To monitor and find high-quality backlinks, you need a SEO tool like Semrush. Get 7 Days Free Trial

Commenting Backlinks:

  Commenting is the easiest way to create niche related backlinks. Because you can easily find your niche related articles in Google and make backlinks Do follow Blog commenting Backlinks list.

But in my opinion, commenting Backlinks are not good for SEO. These type of backlinks don’t help you to rank on Google because you will never get traffic from these backlinks.

Profile Creation:

  You can easily create high-quality do-follow backlinks through profile creating. Because most of the sites where you can create profiles are very old and high authority sites and they give us do follow backlinks.  


  With the help of PBN backlinks, you can easily beat you all competitors as they are very effective in SEO.  Don’t try to create too many PBN backlinks unless Google punish you and permanently ban your site.

2.0 Backlinks:

  2.0 is another way to create niche related high-quality backlinks. You can create 2.0 backlinks through Tumblr, blogger, WordPress, medium.  

Create a dummy site on these platform and start to publish posts on the sites ( Maximum 20 ). After completing 10-20 posts, submit your site on google search console with new gmail account. You can now create backlinks on the sites with anchor texts.

Thse type of backlinks really help you to rank higher on google.

How to Monitor Backlinks:

To monitor my backlinks I am using a tool named Monitor Backlinks. With the help of this tool, you can monitor your all backlinks. You can also check where your backlinks are removed and many more thinks. You can also check your competitors backlinks.


You have to monitor your backlinks as low authority backlinks can affect your website ranking. You have to create only do-follow high authority backlinks.   I hope I have helped you